How to cancel your DigiFootprintBoost

  • Digi Footprint Boost always aims to provide the best possible service to all our subscribers, but we know we’re not perfect and we may not always get it right. That’s why we’ve developed a simple and transparent cancellation process.
  • If you need help with your account cancellation or have any questions for us, please call us on
    0800 101 7034

Cancel in three easy steps

Simply follow the three steps below to cancel your account, no hassle.

Step one

Sign in to your Digi Footprint Boost account using the sign in link at the top of this, and every page. Input your email address and password. If you cannot remember your password, hit the forgotten password link and we’ll send you a reminder.

Step two

Navigate to the Profile page using the top navigation. Within the ‘My Details’ panel there is a link entitled ‘Cancel Account’. Click this link to bring up the confirmation pop-up.

Step three

Finally, to confirm the cancellation, click the link entitled ‘Yes, Cancel Account’ in the pop-up. You will be signed out of Digi Footprint Boost immediately and no longer have access to the product unless you sign up again. You will no longer be charged the monthly subscription fee.