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What is Digi Footprint Boost?

Digi Footprint Boost is an online product designed to give you a complete report on how you've been using social media and let you know how the digital imprint you leave behind can affect your life, personally, professionally and financially.

From the content of your posts to the time you spend on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we cover every aspect of your social media activity to show you your social score and teach you how to improve it to get to a better place.

Why does a Social Score matter?

Most companies and individuals are now using social scoring as a way to assess how trustworthy, professional and creditworthy you are, which means that your social media activity can be used to determine whether you get the job you want or the loan you need.

That's why keeping a high social score can play an important part in making sure you don't miss out on any opportunities that life may bring your way. Digi Footprint Boost was created to show exactly how your social score can affect you and give you the tools you need to improve it.

How can Digi Footprint Boost help?

We can help by offering exclusive and unique features including...

Digi Footprint Boost


Your overall social score and how it breaks down into the positive and negative aspects of your digital imprint. See what your social score is made of and how it can affect your life.

Digi Footprint Boost

Score Improvement

See the changes you need to implement on your social media accounts to get a higher social score and check each task as done once you've completed it.

Digi Footprint Boost

Exclusive Guides

A free set of guides for you to learn all about your digital imprint and start improving your score. Become a master in no time.

Digi Footprint Boost

Social Graphs

A complete view on the geographical distribution of your social media activity, on your social activity over time and on how you seem to be spending your money.

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Just £27.89 per month to subscribe. Cancel anytime.